All-Star Dog Training & Agility was born out of my passion to work with dogs and educate owners.

I am originally from Northern California and grew up loving all animals. I finally got my first dog, Bailey (an adorable Cocker Spaniel rescue), when I was in middle school. I loved everything about him but most of all liked teaching him new tricks and agility skills.

Fast-forward to today. After following my passion for travel – living in Panama, Japan, and London – I knew I needed to find a home base so I could get a dog. Enter Mack: a high-drive, “never been told no” cattle dog mix. He is the catalyst for my becoming a dog trainer and continues to teach me lessons to this day.

I work with a variety of dogs from puppy foundation to dogs who show behavioral issues such as reactivity, fear, and anxiety. I dive into the why behind dog behavior and how we can view and treat dogs in ways that benefit them.

In addition to balanced training, I am an agility instructor and love introducing people to a new canine sport. It is truly an incredible way to bond with your dog and learn something new!

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