Board and Train

For a jumpstart on your training.

If you have a dog with difficult behavioral issues or don’t have the time to consistently dedicate to training, a board and train might be the best option for you.

What is a board and train?

A board and train is where your dog comes to live with me and go through an intensive two or three weeks of training. They will learn general obedience as well as e-collar training. For most dogs, this means learning how to be calm and how to do nothing. A lot of behavior issues come from the dog not knowing how to properly handle stress. Luckily, this is something that can be taught and practiced through techniques such as place training, crating, and clear expectations of what behavior is allowed and what is not. In a board and train, I am able to work with your dog consistently to transform their behavior and lay a solid foundation for you to continue with going forward.

What is a board and train not?

A board and train is not a magic fix! Once you get your dog back, you will need to keep up with the training I’ve implemented in order to see continued results. This often means you have to do things differently than you were previously (because if what you were doing previously had worked, you wouldn’t be here!).

Board and train inclusions

  • Prong collar
  • E-collar
  • Two mid-way training sessions
  • One go-home training session
  • Unlimited follow-up sessions for 6 months
  • Free pack walks for life


Starting at $1700.

See if a board and train is right for you!

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