Balanced Training

Why balanced training?

I had recently adopted my dog, Mack. We went through an amazing honeymoon phase together – and then the problems started.

He became reactive to other dogs on leash, was rowdy and wild when people pet him, and I couldn’t recall him for the life of me. I agonized over whether he was the right dog for me or if we would ever get past this. I tried a trainer, and it didn’t get us much further. But it wasn’t me or Mack who was not the right fit. It was the approach to our training.

Everything in life relies on balance. A balance between summer and winter, study and play, disappointment and joy. Dog training is the same. There has to be a balance between structure and freedom, excitement and calm, positive reinforcement and corrections. Right now, your dog is out of balance. They are not getting guidance from you and are therefore left to make their own decisions. But here’s the thing. Dogs are animals living in a human world governed by human rules. They don’t inherently know how to behave in every situation, and it’s our job as their leaders and protectors to show them.

You love your dog, but you may have been incorrectly taught what love looks like to a dog (we can blame society here). Love is built on respect, and respect is built on boundaries and expectations – even with humans! Love doesn’t mean letting your dog do whatever it wants and never telling it no. Love means clear, consistent communication, and fulfilling your dog’s biological needs over your “need” to have your dog cuddle with you on the couch (that can come later).

So, welcome to the club – the small club of dog owners who are willing to put their needs second to their dog’s; who are in the minority by training their dog with tools that work; and who have the desire and dedication to work towards their goal.

What is balanced training?

Balanced training means using a combination of both reward-based techniques and corrections. This approach uses all four quadrants of operant conditioning: positive reinforcement, positive punishment, negative reinforcement, and negative punishment. This type of learning can be found throughout the natural world and provides a great base for communication with your dog.

Balanced training tools:

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Ready to get started?

I offer a variety of balanced training options to help you achieve your goals in a way that works best for you and your dog. Not sure what you need? I’m happy to discuss what services are right for you during your free consultation call.

Private Sessions

I will train you how to train your dog. 1 hour long sessions starting at $60. **Must have completed a phone consultation before scheduling a session**

Board and Train

Your dog will stay with me for 2-3 weeks for intensive training. Starting at $1700. **Next availability May 2021**

Day Training

A day of training at my house. Available to select clients only. Starting at $100.

Let the training journey begin!

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