Becky B

Kirsten is incredible! I highly recommend her if you’re looking for a dog trainer. She has been wonderful with my dog Bear (and me :)). She is really knowledgeable about dogs and dog training, and explains everything so clearly. She’s not one to judge – she will never make you feel bad about where you’re at and what habits you and your dog may have already picked up. She meets you where you are and is excellent at tailoring the training to what you and your dog need and feel comfortable with. Working with Kirsten has helped me understand what Bear needs and how to make my life with him easier and actually make him a happier dog. Her love for animals shines through and every training session is a blast for you and your dog.

Julia D

I never thought I would enjoy training my puppy, but Kirsten has made it such an adventure! Every training session I learn how to connect with my puppy Luna more effectively while also having fun. I appreciate Kirsten’s vast knowledge and thoughtful approach — my Luna has already grown so much more confident over the course of just three sessions with Kirsten so far.

Carol M

Kirsten started out as a client of mine, now I’m a client of hers! I’m so glad that we met. She has helped me with my Chinese Shar-Pei so much. I wasn’t sure what balance training was – she mentioned prong collars and leash training.  That made me so nervous as my intention with a trainer was to learn treat training. Well that’s why it is called balance training! As I continue to work with her, balanced training seems so simple and easy to understand and my pup and I are doing it! She’s responding so well to everything and she loves Kirsten a lot. I like that Kirsten can be firm yet gentle with me as we go through the training. She refers to parenting a lot which honestly helps everything make sense. You want your dog to obey you and love you! That requires love and discipline. I will continue working with Kirsten as long as I can! 

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