Emily L

I cannot recommend working with Kirsten enough, she did a great job not only teaching the basics but also providing very specific recommendations to our situation. After working with Kirsten my 8-month-old Aussie, Reya is now able to handle higher activity environments and thrive in her day to day. We are able to go on so many more adventures now that she is learning how to appropriately handle her excitement and eagerness to meet others. Reya is not only better understanding what decisions to make but I also have become so much more empowered and comfortable guiding Reya through a range of tasks. The training course has very positively impacted both of our lives and I would highly recommend it to anyone!

Anika P

Before my dog Jackson and I started working with Kirsten, Jackson was quite reactive outside our home. Despite many attempts to work through this with other trainers, it continued to get worse. I found Kirsten when looking for agility classes, and when I read her story with Mack, I knew she could help. We worked with Kirsten both in the “Just for fun agility” class and in private sessions. She did a great job at reading Jackson’s needs in both settings and helping him gain confidence in both himself and me as his person. After finishing training Jackson doesn’t get triggered nearly as often, and if he does, I can calm him down almost immediately, it isn’t nearly as bad as it was. Not only did Kirsten help Jackson gain confidence outside, she helped me gain confidence in handling him. I am a first time dog owner who picked a high energy breed. Kirsten taught me so many effective things to help Jackson gain trust in me. I recommend All Star Dog Training to everyone! 

Dan and Holly S

We are so grateful to Kirsten for her help with our dog. We have an anxious dog and had tried positive-only training (for a year) but our dog was still freaking out when people came over to our house and when she saw older men in the dog park. Balanced training has helped us communicate better with her about what behaviors are ok and or not ok. With her e collar, she is more confident and able to be off leash and even can handle having friends and family over to our house– a huge change. Kirsten, an e collar, and hard work have made all this possible. I can’t overstate what a change it’s been in our dog and in our home. THANK YOU!!

Andi W

I feel so fortunate to have connected with Kirsten at All Star Dog-Training. I felt like there was nowhere to turn for help with my Golden Retriever puppy.  I felt as if I was not up to the task of training and that I was a “bad” dog mom.  I have learned so much! Yes… my pup may be a bit of a challenge, but together, we have learned what to do. I should say, I have learned what to do. I now have the tools to handle my active pup and things could not be better!  Thanks so much Kirsten, I couldn’t have done it without you!! You’re the best!

Heidi B

I just have to share with you that we took both dogs to this climbing spot and they were amazing. Rewind to one year ago, I brought Ruth to that same place and she barked at every person we saw and was leashed the whole time, outfitted in a thunder jacket and full of calming treats. Today she laid on her place bed without any correction needed, never barked once, and was the calmest I’ve ever seen her in a crowd of people. She even ignored a cat someone brought on a leash, which is just crazy. My life and her life are SO MUCH better thanks to you and balanced training.

Becky B

Kirsten is incredible! I highly recommend her if you’re looking for a dog trainer. She has been wonderful with my dog Bear (and me :)). She is really knowledgeable about dogs and dog training, and explains everything so clearly. She’s not one to judge – she will never make you feel bad about where you’re at and what habits you and your dog may have already picked up. She meets you where you are and is excellent at tailoring the training to what you and your dog need and feel comfortable with. Working with Kirsten has helped me understand what Bear needs and how to make my life with him easier and actually make him a happier dog. Her love for animals shines through and every training session is a blast for you and your dog.

Julia D

I never thought I would enjoy training my puppy, but Kirsten has made it such an adventure! Every training session I learn how to connect with my puppy Luna more effectively while also having fun. I appreciate Kirsten’s vast knowledge and thoughtful approach — my Luna has already grown so much more confident over the course of just three sessions with Kirsten so far.

Carol M

Kirsten started out as a client of mine, now I’m a client of hers! I’m so glad that we met. She has helped me with my Chinese Shar-Pei so much. I wasn’t sure what balance training was – she mentioned prong collars and leash training.  That made me so nervous as my intention with a trainer was to learn treat training. Well that’s why it is called balance training! As I continue to work with her, balanced training seems so simple and easy to understand and my pup and I are doing it! She’s responding so well to everything and she loves Kirsten a lot. I like that Kirsten can be firm yet gentle with me as we go through the training. She refers to parenting a lot which honestly helps everything make sense. You want your dog to obey you and love you! That requires love and discipline. I will continue working with Kirsten as long as I can! 

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